Choosing Your Wedding Entertainment

Here are some tips to help you choose the right wedding entertainment whether it be a band or a DJ.

*Are you looking for a live band or a DJ for your wedding reception?

While a DJ can be cheaper than a full band they tend to be less personal and interactive than live musicians can be to your wedding guests. Also some DJs can tend to be too loud and dominate a room towards the end of a night making conversation difficult to those who arenít interested in dancing. A good band playing at an appropriate level can give everyone some breathing/talking room in the room and with the breaks in between sets and songs.

*What style/s of music would you like?

While you might like a certain style of music itís good to have a DJ or band who can play a mixture of styles from jazz, rock n roll, pop, funk etc. This will ensure that all your guests of all tastes and ages will get to hear music that they enjoy. Trumpet Jazz Band plays a mix of vocal/instrumental jazz to up temp pop, soul, rock n roll to get your guests dancing towards the end of the night (or earlier if thatís what you want!)

*Would you like the band to play at the ceremony as you walk down the aisle or just at the reception?

While most couples are fine with just having the band play at the reception consider the option of having them play as special song as the bride walk down the aisle. It doesnít always have to be the whole band even a duo can provide this service. We have often played songs as the bride walk down the aisle such as ďAt LastĒ by Etta James. Read the testimonial on our home page. 

*Do you want party/dancing music as well as background/mood music?

Bands should be able to provide background music in between their sets to keep the mood going. With Trumpet Jazz Band you can even organise your own song selection on a USB or iPod to be played through our PA (public address) system. A DJ of course will provide this throughout the night.

*How long would you want a band to play for?

Most wedding receptions last 4-5 hours. Allowing an hour for speeches this means that a band will typically play 3-4 hours or 3-4 sets of music with short 10-15 breaks in between. If you youíre booking a band for your wedding reception ensure that they have enough songs to keep playing for 3-4 hours.

*Do you want the band to play live for the bridal dance? 

Some bands (like Trumpet Jazz Band) are able to learn requested songs for your bridal dance or the father/daughter dance etc. You may also find that the band may already play your chosen song. Ask to see if you can view a list of the songs they play.

*Would you have any special song requests for the band to play?

Again ask to see if you can view a list of the songs they play and make your choices from the list. A good band should be able to add a few new tunes if requested.

*How big do you want the band to be?

How large a band and what its line up is will be will determine how loud or full sounding the music will be. Trumpet Jazz Band normally performs weddings as a 5 piece band comprising of drums, double bass, guitar, saxophone and vocals/trumpet.

However the band can scale back to a 4 piece (usually drums, double bass, guitar and vocals/trumpet) if you on a budget.

Or even a 3 piece (usually drums, double bass, guitar and vocals/trumpet). However please note that a minimum 4 piece line (drums, double bass, guitar and vocals/trumpet) is highly recommended if youíre looking for up tempo dance music for your guests.

*What else should the entertainers to provide?

Here is a list of what Trumpet Jazz Band provides and any other DJ band should for your wedding.
* Full sound check before guest arrivals
* Background music controlled during band breaks
* Bridal waltz performed live if desired
* Professional sound system (including microphone for speeches if required)

Whether you choose Trumpet Jazz band or another band or DJ these tips should help you choose the right entertainment for your wedding. Contact us for a wedding band quote.

For bookings contact David Ruiz on 0403 171 800 or Anthony Pell on 0408 058 525 or email